"Ustaness" - Scalloway, Shetland

"Ustaness" Herd - Ronnie and Jakob Eunson, Scalloway, Shetland

The Ustaness herd was first established in the 1980s when I stayed at Ustaness, Whiteness in Shetland. In 1995 the family moved to Uradale, Scalloway, after I purchased the valley there.

My first cow was Murrister Kate bought from Bertie and Tamar Moar, hard working and wise crofting folk from the West Side. Bertie later accompanied me along with Tammy o da Glebe (TAU Fraser) to pick a bull at Quendale from the Hillwell herd owned by Magnus Burgess. That evening I will never forget. Tammy selected the young bull with a nod from Bertie and all I could do was agree. This bull became Hillwell Huxter and left a style on the Ustaness cattle. I try to buy bulls suited to my farm's circumstances.

My land is steep and rugged so I have always bred medium sized cattle which can move easily and eat from a wide variety of vegetation. I do not cross breed and wish only a healthy, efficient cow. My land has been certified Organic since 2002, which means imported feedstuffs are kept to a minimum. The farming policy is to aspire to sustainability. Therefore all fodder is homegrown without fertilisers. All youngstock are finished on farm and sold as beef. No other cattle breed can hope to achieve this level of sustainability in Shetland, in my opinion.

Although I have outwintered cattle in the past I have over the years built enough accommodation inside for them now. The dung and slurry is saved as a valuable resource since no soluble fertilisers can be used under Organic rules. The cows are on a solid sloping floor system cleaned twice a day. The young stock are on a slatted floor, which keeps them very clean.

Our herd usually numbers about 100 animals based on 30 breeding cows. Since the youngstock are left to grow till they are fat this means an average of 3 years old at slaughter. No minerals are fed or boluses given routinely. All treatments require veterinary sanction as to their need.

We are lucky in having the Shetland Animal Health Scheme which means Shetland has an exceptional health status. A number of UK endemic diseases have been eradicated and with every imported animal being examined and tested before release to the farmer, Shetlanders hope to maintain the healthiest of livestock.

My son Jakob will be taking over things soon and I am delighted to say that he sees the sense in keeping Shetland Kye!

Ustaness herd
Cows on heather.
Mid winter byre.
Outwintered youngstock
Out wintering youngstock
Ronnie Eunson

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