How do I become a member?

Complete the New Member Form to apply to become a member.  This will be put to the SCHBS Management Council for approval.  Once approval has been granted you will receive a welcome letter with login details to the members area of our website www.schbs.co.uk


How much does it cost to become a member?

Fees from 1st January 2023 are as follows:
Full Membership
Single - £40 per year
Joint - £45 per year
Life - £720 (one off)
Associate Membership - £20 per year
Friendly Membership - £10 per year
New members joining fee - £10
Registering New Herd Pre-fix - £20
 Membership runs from 1 January to 31 December.  (Payment due in advance)

How do I renew my membership?

Complete the Membership RENEWAL form.


I don’t have any calves to register this year, do I still have to pay my membership?

If you have no calves to register in a particular year you can choose to pay the associate membership for that year.  This will ensure that you keep your membership up to date and still receive all the benefits of being a member but at a reduced rate for that year.


I no longer own Shetland Cattle, can I still be a member?

Yes.  We offer a Friendly Membership for those members who have retired from keeping Shetland Cattle but would like to remain up to date with the cattle herd book and members.  Friendly Membership is also suitable for those who have never been members in the past, but who have an interest in Shetland Cattle.


I have never owned Shetland Cattle or been a member before, can I be a member?

Yes, the Friendly Membership is suitable for those who have an interest in Shetland Cattle and the Shetland Cattle Herd Book Society.


I don’t have a herd prefix.  Can I still become a member?

Yes.  You do not have to have a herd prefix to join as a member.  However, if you wish to register calves you will need to register a herd prefix but this can be done at a later date.  There is a one off fee for registering a herd pre-fix of £20.




 How do I register a calf?

When you login to ‘My Accounts’ on www.schbs.co.uk you will see New Calf Notification on the left hand side of the screen.  Alternatively you can download the Calf Registration Form or request a form from the secretary.  Please note you must be a paid up member of SCHBS before you can register calves.


How much does it cost to register a calf?

Bull Calf Registration
  £30    In year of birth, grace period up to 31st January of following year.  (e.g.calf born in 2023 to be registered by 31-Jan-24)
  £70    In the year following birth year.  (calf born 2022 to be registered in 2023 (1-Feb-23 to 31-Dec-23))
  £100  After 31st December of the second year after birth (Calf born 2021 or earlier)
Heifer Calf Registration
£10       In year of birth, grace period up to 31st January of following year.  (e.g.calf born in 2023 to be registered by 31-Jan-24)
£30       In the year following birth year.  (calf born 2022 to be registered in 2023 (1-Feb-23 to 31-Dec-23))
£50       For calves born two or more calendar years ago.  (calf born in 2021 or earlier)



I have bought / sold cattle.  What should I do?

Please complete this Transfer of Ownership form letting us know and we will update the database on the website to reflect this or email maggyadmin@schbs.co.uk. 

Please note there is no fee for this.


I have a bull calf that I don’t know whether to retain as a bull or not.  What should I do?

If you are unsure, we would advise contacting the local contacts, or a member of the Management Council to ask advice.  See the contacts page of the website for more details.


I wish to place an advert on the website Marketplace, what do I do?

Members may place adverts under the following headings.  Animals For Sale; Animals Wanted. 

Please email secretary@schbs.co.uk with the following information:

  • Contact Name and details for the advert
  • Cattle name, age, colour, sex, dam and sire
  • Any other relevant information that you would like on the advert
  • As many photos as you would like to add

There is no fee for members, £5 for non-members.




 Where do I find my login and password for ‘My Account’ on the website?

This information will be in the welcome letter that you received on becoming a member.  If you do not have this, please email secretary@schbs.co.uk and we will send you your login details.


Why can’t I access My Account on the website?

If your account has been disabled this is normally due to membership fees not being paid in time.  The fees are due for the current year in advance with a three month grace period.  Therefore any fees for the current year not received by 31st March will result in the member being temporarily blocked from their account.  If you think you have already paid contact the secretary.




 How can I find out who is in my area?

In the members area of the website you will find an area called ‘search database’.  From the ‘Search Members’ area you can input part of an address to find everyone with that word in their address.  By clicking on an individual you will be able to see their herd and their contact details if they have updated this on their account.  If there are no contact details, you can either get in touch with the local contact from your area or the secretary.  (See the contact page for details).


 Where can I find the latest Shaarg newsletter?

The Shaarg newsletter is emailed to all members provided we have your email address.  It is also available in the members area of the website in the ‘Reports & Info’ section.


Can I buy a previous years Herd Book?

Yes, we have copies of most years available.  Email secretary@schbs.co.uk.  Cost of back issues is £10 plus £4.50 P&P except for the special centenary 2010 edition which has colour photos and information on some of the herds.  This is £20 plus £4.50 P&P.




New Member Form

Membership RENEWAL form

Calf Registration Form

Transfer of Ownership form